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Meet agents from some of the top modeling agencies in New York, Miami and Atlanta including EMG Models, Bi-Coastal Management, DECO Models and more. You can drop off your pictures and have a real conversation with scouts who might just help you take the next step in your modeling journey. 

Update your comp card with fresh photographs taken in studio our fashion photographer.


It's a great opportunity to update your portfolio and enhance your professional image on your comp card.

Attend a one-hour online model workshop led by the industry expert Sophia Gutchinov from TOWN Models. Dive into the modeling industry and gain valuable insights during this engaging session. Learn from seasoned professionals and take a step forward in your modeling journey

Accelerated Model Scouting + Photo Update Miami
Accelerated Model Scouting + Photo Update Miami
Get 20 indoor & outdoor digitals and meet with model scouts from DECO Models and Latitude
Mar 02, 2024, 1:00 PM EST
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