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4 Week Itinerary

Each course is structured as a mix of lecture-style teaching, hands-on exercises and activities, and Q&A time for you to ask questions and receive feedback. By the end of the four-course series, talent should have a solid understanding of the modeling and acting industry, as well as the skills and techniques necessary to succeed in this competitive field.

Online 4-Part Overview

The four-part series covers a range of important topics, including an introduction to the industry, modeling techniques, acting techniques, and building a personal brand. This comprehensive approach provides a broad overview of what is required to succeed in the modeling and acting industry and is perfect for talent of all ages.


Class 1: Introduction to the Modeling and Acting Industry

  • Overview of the modeling and acting industry

  • Key terms and definitions

  • The importance of professionalism and presentation

  • Tips for getting started in the industry


 Modeling Techniques and Best Practices

  • Overview of modeling techniques and poses

  • The importance of body language and expression

  • Tips for maintaining a healthy body and skin

  • Dos and don'ts of modeling


Class 3: Acting Techniques and Best Practices

  • Overview of acting techniques and methods

  • The importance of emotion and character development

  • Tips for memorizing lines and delivering a convincing performance

  • Dos and don'ts of acting


Class 4: Building Your Brand and Finding Work

  • Overview of personal branding and marketing

  • Tips for building a portfolio and resume

  • The importance of networking and finding work

  • Dos and don'ts of working in the modeling and acting industry

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